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Below is a list of all previously recorded presentations.

An Update to Coronavirus and the Oneness of the Human Race part 2

Speaker Biography:Vafa Bayat, M.D. PhD. is a research scientist and physician with diverse diagnostic and basic research training from Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford University in neurodegeneration, genetic diseases, and oncology/pathology. I have a broad range of professional, hands-on experience including:Managing complex collaborations on large research projectsFinancial strategyBusiness DevelopmentMentoringProject development and presentationComputer and analytical skillsVafa […] Read More


We’re all playing a game. It’s called the “Game of Life,” and it has rules. We’re playing the game, and we’re bound by the rules, whether we know them or not. If you don’t know the rules, you can’t play a very good game and will suffer, and cause others to suffer too. In this […] Read More

The Final Resting Place of the Martyred Prophet of Shiraz

Next year will be the anniversary of the centenary of passing of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, the eldest son of Baha’u’llah, His successor and the Center of His covenant. The Bahá’í community is in the process of building a Shrine for the earthly remains of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, planned for dedication in November 2021. The Shrine of the Báb was […] Read More

Worldviews in Crisis as Humanity Grows from Adolescence into the Age of Maturity

Shoghi Effendi observes: “Humanity is now experiencing the commotions invariably associated with the most turbulent stage of its evolution, the stage of adolescence, when the impetuosity of youth and its vehemence reach their climax, and must gradually be superseded by the calmness, the wisdom, and the maturity that characterize the stage of manhood. Then will […] Read More

A Spiritual dialogue on Racial Unity and World Peace

In this video Rainn Willson, Ms. Monique Stevens, Ms. Bahji Varner and Mr. William Varner have “A Spiritual dialogue on Racial Unity and World Peace.” Presentation summary: “…The whole earth,” Bahá’u’lláh has written, “is now in a state of pregnancy. The day is approaching when it will have yielded its noblest fruits, when from it […] Read More

The Pandemic and the Path to the Lesser Peace

In this video John S. Hatcher, PhD discusses the topic “The Pandemic and the Path to the Lesser Peace”. Presentation summary: In the first paragraphs of The Promised Day is Come, Shoghi Effendi quotes passages from Bahá’u’lláh about how the Lesser Peace will not come about until humanity has experienced world engulfing tribulation, though the […] Read More

Does the Bible Tell Us When The Promised One Will Come?

In this video Dr. George Via, JD, Esq. discusses the topic “Does the Bible Tell Us When The Promised One Will Come?” Presentation summary: The Prophet Daniel foretold the coming of Jesus as “the Messiah, the Prince,” and Daniel specified a period of time for it to occur, in what is called a Time Prophecy.  […] Read More

Listening with the spirit – speaking to the soul

In this video Mr. Antony Ballard discusses the topic “Listening with the spirit – speaking to the soul” Read More

The Mystery of Injustice, Oppression and Suffering towards the journey of Prosperity

In this video Payam Naghdi discusses the topic “The Mystery of Injustice, Oppression and Suffering towards the journey of Prosperity” Read More

Discovery of Reality – “Tools to describe Reality.”

In this video Mr. Gilbert Hakim discusses with our audience the following topics: Mathematics & Logic Minimalism Creation of an objective universal language (Binary Language) Computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Efficient cause Role of Revelation (Efficient Cause) in Ethics Development Read More