Bahá’í Explorations

Below is a list of all previously recorded presentations.

The Baha’i Faith in America

How the Baha’i Faith came to the United States and a community developed here, which was able to welcome ‘Abdu’l-Baha in 1912. Read More

Casting Our Nets on the Right Side: Delivering the ‘Good News’ to Our Christian Friends Through Sharing a Story.

America was ablaze with millennial anticipation in 1844. Religious leaders expected Christ’s return was imminent. Not only were there signs in the heavens, but prophecies—some general but some very specific—all pointed to that year. Hundreds of thousands of laypeople looked to the skies in joyous anticipation. Clearly, their expectations were not fulfilled. But were the […] Read More

From Bible Prophecy to Baha’u’llah – A recovering Fundamentalist Preacher shares his perspectives on teaching Christians

A RELENTLESS SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH Incredible true story from former Worldwide Church of God minister Right out of the gate, this story will shake you, hitting you in the gut with a tale of a broken home, kidnapping and a childhood bereft of love.And then it gets even more interesting.In The People of the Sign, Wade […] Read More

Race Unity: A Prerequisite to American and Global Progress.

Ms. Monique Stevens will discuss the Bahai perspective on race unity as it relates to the oneness of humanity and the Bahai goal of carrying forward an “ever advancing civilization.” Read More

White American Bahá’ís role in bringing about racial justice/unity.

This has been a very challenging year for the United States. We have battled a global pandemic that has taken the lives of almost 200,000 Americans. At the same time, we have come to a point of reckoning as it relates to race relations in our country ever since the killing of George Floyd. Since […] Read More

The new school is the microschool

In 2008 Jaime’s focus began to shift from teaching adults to the education of children. Her long-held volunteer services include serving as a Board Director for, a state leader character development education, and the animation of Jr. Youth Groups. Her dedication to service and rapport with community children lead to the organic development of […] Read More


For years, people in the teaching profession have been satisfied with thinking of the curriculum as merely the listing of courses offered by the school. This is understandable since traditional education has been almost entirely organized around the presentation of factual information with the expectation that a reasonable amount of that information would be retained […] Read More

“Freedom is… but freedom is not…”

The purpose of this presentation is to explore the philosophical implications of this concept from a Baha’i point of view.The following summary is extracted from, Finding Freedom from Fear in the Baha’i Faith, to see the full article, or to find similar articles related to this subject please visit for more information.We all have […] Read More


THOSE WHO CANNOT LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.Socialism, Capitalism, and their impact on Politics. The U.S. political polarization and other such conflicting governmental and economic systems created by mankind do not actually solve the major world problems, the reason for this is that they do not take into account the spiritual components […] Read More

Breathing Together: Building Race Unity Every Day

The following summary is extracted from Race Unity: It’s In Our DNA to see the full article, or to find similar articles related to this subject please visit for more information.DNA has changed how we should see ourselves in relation to each other, and what we think of as home. Now we can actually […] Read More