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Wednesday Night Fireside

Imagine a group of your friends gathering together in a home or on the beach in an informal setting, talking about teachings of a religion and why they’re important for the modern world. Baha’is around the world, especially on college campuses, have had many of these gatherings to discuss things like world peace, equality of […] Read More

Advent of Divine Justice

Playlist for the previous sessions: Advent of Divine Justice.Advent of Divine Justice direct Access – Zoom Link.The Advent of Divine Justice is a letter written December 25, 1938, to the Baháʼís of the United States and Canada, by Shoghi Effendi, describing the role of America in establishing the Most Great Peace.While technically a long-form letter […] Read More

Influence of the great Tahirih on the Education of women in Iran

Tahirih has been inspiring writers, human rights activists, and artists for generations. Now a new book about the Persian poet and champion of women’s rights examines her life and her links with suffragettes in the West and pays tribute to her legacy. Tahirih’s shameful murder itself gave her an opportunity to express her hopeful spirit. […] Read More

The Three Protagonists that Work together to Make the World a Better Place

What are the principal actors needed to build vibrant and open communities that will advance humanity towards realizing its oneness; the individual, the institutions, and the community? Through their collaborations, advancement is possible in all our endeavors. Read More

Dr. Hugh Motlagh

Dr. Hushidar Motlagh is professor emeritus at Central Michigan University. He is the author of more than 30 volumes. He taught for 33 years at two universities in the United States and retired at age 63. He taught courses in psychology of human development, educational psychology, mental health, and creativity. His works relate to the […] Read More

The Role of Mothers in Building a New World

In this talk, he will discuss several key spiritual principles to provide the foundation for us to understand the true nature of a human being, and then he will speak about the importance of motherhood and how it relates to our collective spiritual and social journey. Read More

‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Exemplar and Educator

The presentation, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Exemplar and Educator,  features ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s actions to empower children, youth, and adults to be the people we want to be, building a world of peace, justice and unity for generations to come. It includes stories from our new book, Loving All the World, written by talented authors and illustrated by gifted artists to illustrate His courage […] Read More

Dr. Barbara Johnson

Dr. Barbara Johnson’s Ph.D. is in the field of Global Education. She served as Co-Administrator of Louhelen Bahá’í School and Director of the National Children’s Education and Research Center, when that Center was based at Louhelen, 1991-2008.Dr. Johnson served as founding director for the Teacher Education Program of Colorado Mountain College, 2008-2018, and currently serves […] Read More

Dr. Francis Hayden

I am a practicing MD psychiatrist for the past 30 years in the New York City area, having moved here from my home state of Kentucky after medical school. I do evaluations, medication management, treatment planning, and consultation for all ages of patients and all diagnoses including addictions. I am Board Certified in my main […] Read More

Religion – Blueprint for Culture

Abstract: Religion is the blueprint of culture. Religion and culture are inseparable; where there is one, there is the other. Religion is here to stay, forming as it does the underlying conceptual structure for sustained and propagated civilizations. The key is to understand the basic human impulse toward the utility of religion, of its truth […] Read More